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The Bryant Automotive Story

   On May 15, 1968, Tom and Margaret Bryant          opened the doors of Bryant Automotive, a family owned and operated Independent Auto Service & Repair Facility. Bryant Automotive remains a family business today, with sons Dan and Barry, a vital part of the operation with the passing of years, becoming Partners in 1997. (more)

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Seven Bryant "2" Club Members

    Tom gained membership in the Bonneville 200 MPH Club driving  the Pierson Coupe (1990). Since 1999, sons Jeff, Dan & Barry, brother Gary and grandson Tim have joined Tom in the Club driving the "Tom Thumb Special VII"  that was built in 1992. At the World Finals October 2004, Tom's nephew Ken Smith also joined the Bryants making it  seven family members in the Club. Tom & Jeff are also members of the El Mirage and Muroc 200 MPH Clubs. (more)

Left to right: Tim, Dan, Barry, Jeff, Tom & Gary (2004)

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